Three Photo Booth Poses to Avoid

It’s no secret that photo booths present a fun and memorable activity for any party or event. In addition to the novelty of taking the photo with friends and family, you get a lasting memento of a special moment. Photo booths naturally lend themselves to silly behavior and poses. Part of their charm, after all, comes from spontaneity. Booths also tend to spark romance, and kisses with your beloved make for perfectly acceptable photo booth poses.

A few poses, whether through overuse or inappropriateness, should be strictly avoided, however. Unless you want to regret your photo booth poses, resist the temptation to fall into these three.

Macho Photo Booth Pose

You may think you look tough, but the macho pose looks silly in a photo booth.

Avoid These Photo Booth Poses

  • Duck Face: Popularized by celebrities, duck face is the term for a manufactured poutiness. The lips curl downward, while the cheeks suck in, for an attempt at seductiveness that looks silly and contrived.
  • The Tough Guy: Go ahead and smile, fellas, it won’t hurt you. The tough guy look, which involves a deadpan expression and/or flexing, doesn’t make anyone look macho. Unless you’re consciously aping this style, save the tough guy routine for your bathroom mirror.
  • The Miley: Though Miley Cyrus did not invent this pose, her repeated use of it has caused an indecent gesture to enter into fad territory. The Miley involves sticking the tongue out between the index and middle finger. Inappropriate connotations aside, this gesture long ago became overplayed.

If these three poses have one thing in common, it’s that they lack originality. Take the best advantage of your time in the photo booth, and strike a pose that reflects your individuality! To purchase a photo booth or rent one for your next party, contact Inventive Photo Booths at  (817) 223-1522.