Props: A Fun Element That Pops

Props are a main staple in many photographer’s kits. From family photos to candid ones, they are used to set a mood, declare an event, or bring a little bit of personality to the picture itself. However, just as many photographers hate the use of props as those who love them. Due to the clunky nature of incorporating these, it can sometimes ruin an otherwise perfect composition. The same can be said when using props in a photo booth. Cheap and bulky materials can lead to awkward posing, reflection of light, and bad images.

Props Can Be Great!

Photo of propsThe thing you have to remember about props is this: Quality is important. While it may seem like a waste to invest in a prop collection for your clients, investing will save you in the long run. Buying a better constructed and timeless piece to use will give you repeated use from the prop. An example of timeless would be stocking a “Happy New Year” prop as opposed to a prop with the exact current year. This means reuse from your clients and savings in the long run.

Remember, using a prop is all about creativity and fun. It allows the subject of the photo to play and be off guard when having a photo taken, resulting in less posed, natural compositions. With a photo booth, having that little bit of extra for your clients to use while snapping their memories can make the difference on getting return customers and referred clients.

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