Four Booths in One

One Inventive Photo Booth transforms into four different setup styles for you to market to your clients

  • booth with display monitor

    Setup #1

    Sit-down Booth W/ Monitor Adding a monitor is a fun and profitable upgrade. It’s a way to separate yourself from your competitors and make more money per booking.

  • four booths in one

    Setup #2

    Stand-up Booth W/ MonitorAny style can be set up with or without a bench and with or without a monitor

  • arcade style booth

    Setup #3

    Enclosed BoothWe offer the ONLY classic arcade-style booth that is lightweight and ultra-portable

  • open air

    Setup #4

    Open Air BoothTell your clients who want an open air booth “yes,” not “no.” Tell clients on a very tight budget, “You really can afford a photo booth!”

ONE Booth – FOUR Setups

The Inventive can be set up in four different ways

Easy and Fast Set Up

When it comes to quick assembly and easy transport, our booths can't be beat. They are lightweight, easy to put together, and able to be set up by one person in just fifteen minutes! Check out the setup process below by scrolling down or using the slider bar.
Slide 1

Fits in a 4-door!

Watch the inventive design.

  • Inventive Portable 4-in-1 Photo BoothAvailable in Black or White
  • Fits ANY car!portable photo booth in carOur photo booths fit in 95% of all 4-door sedans, and can be set up by one person in 15 minutes
  • colored backdrop photo booth upgradeYour Choice of Backdrops. Blue or Red.

Get Pricing

With our revolutionary Portable 4-in-1 Photo Booth, it’s like getting four booths in one. Our thoughtful and inventive design give you all the functionality of a traditional photo booth. However in addition to getting the traditional arcade style photo booth, you will also receive an open air booth and a standing or bench style booth with an external monitor. To learn more about our Inventive Portable 4-in-1 Photo Booth give us a call today at (817) 223-1522

Inventive Portable 4-in-1 Photo Booth

The Inventive Portable 4-in-1 Photo Booth is a great way to provide your clients with hours of fun, goofy, and downright silly photos. Your new photo booth will give any arcade photo booth in the mall a run for its money, however unlike theirs, ours is 100% portable. With the innovative cart built into the photo booth you won’t be throwing your back out with heavy lifting. To learn more about the one of a kind portable photo booth give us a call today at (817) 223-1522. If you thrive on bringing joy to other peoples lives, then owning your very own photo booth is the right business venture for you. When you order this exceptional piece of engineering it’ll typically ship to you in about 1 week.

One Booth Four Options

So what is it that sets our photo booth apart from other competitors? Well it’s the same thing that’s going to set you apart from yours. When you purchase the flagship portable 4-in-1 photo booth you have the options of four different configurations.

So why is it so important to have options like this? Well the answer is simple, up-sell, up-sell, up-sell. When offering your clients options, you create the opportunity to up-sell. However, what’s more important is that you will have a booth that fits the needs of every budget. Some people only care about having the best photo booth no matter what the cost. You’ll have a photo booth to offer them. Some people only care about cost and little else. You’ll have a photo booth for them as well. So when you’re tired of the same of same old photo booth and are looking for a new experience to offer your clients give us a call at (817) 223-1522. We promise you won’t be disappointed with your four booths in one.