How Much Does Image Quality Matter?

Images are everywhere today. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are only the beginning. But how much does image quality matter? Do you ever notice that some people seem to have brighter, sharper and more engaging images than the rest? The reason is image quality. At Inventive, we follow the standards that make your pictures look amazing. The main difference between a high quality image and a low quality image is the lighting.

At Inventive Photo Booth, we use flash photography to create the best lighting source possible. But not only that, we follow the seemingly forgotten golden rule of portraiture; never have a light source coming from the same direction that the photo is taken. While many photo booths don’t even use flash, the one’s that do seem to have forgotten that rule.

High Quality Image

Image Quality is the Result of Lighting and Technique

Your typical photo booth won’t even supply enough light for optimal exposure. In turn, your photos end up being too dark. Ever wonder why your professional photos come out blurry? It’s because your photo booth is using a slower shutter speed to make up for the lack of light. This causes any movement within the booth to create a blur effect. These techniques will also affect the sharpness of the image. If you notice your images are not as sharp as you’d like them to be, bad technique is the reason.

If you want to capture the best memories for your next event, or if you’re just tired of blurry photos that lack the sharpness you desire, contact Inventive Photo Booth at (817) 223-1522 and get the image quality you deserve.