The Benefits of a Birthday Photo Booth

Everyone wants their birthday party to feel unique. A photo booth presents a fun and interactive way to accomplish this goal and provide your guests with a fun keepsake. The next time you organize a birthday, or any party, consider these benefits to the rental or ownership of a birthday photo booth.

All Ages Fun

It can sometimes prove difficult to find party games and diversions suitable for both adults and children. A photo booth provides a wonderful way to make your party more inclusive, and give the kiddos and adults alike something to remember.

birthday photo booth

Photo booths can make any birthday into a fun, memorable experience.

Customized Memories

Wraps, designs, and props all allow you to customize your photo booth experience. Regardless of your party’s theme or time of the year, you can count on a photo booth that supports and diversifies the fun. When you invest in your own photo booth, it becomes the avenue for customized memories for years to come.

A Different Experience

If you throw lots of parties, or enjoy celebrating your own birthday in style, you may run into trouble with the creation of a varied experience. We all want to show our guests new and inventive ways to have fun, and a photo booth presents the ideal opportunity. If people don’t like to dance or chit-chat, the photo booth provides another fun, interesting diversion.

When you invest in a photo booth, you’ve got a permanent solution for fun at weddings and birthdays. As the year pass and you accumulate more memories and mementos from your photo-booth, you’ll recognize it truly as a gift that keeps giving. To learn more about a birthday photo booth in Dallas, TX, contact Inventive Photo Booths at (817) 223-1522.

6 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Photo Booth For Your Wedding

6 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life. You are marrying the one you love and are surrounded by the people who are near and dear to you and your spouse. One of the ways we remember that special day, is to have a photographer. You can look back and reminisce on that day for years to come. One of the coolest and most fun ways to capture the day is with a photo booth. While you might be on the fence about it, renting a photo booth is great in many ways. Below are reasons why you should rent a photo booth for your wedding

Fun Entertainment

A lot of people don’t like to dance, this is a great alternative activity for guests.

More Carefree

Wedding photos are great, but photo booths let your guests take photos that are silly and fun.

High-Quality Photos

Photo booths produce high-quality images that your guests are going to love having.

Cool Wedding Favor

A cool and unique wedding favor that everyone will have for years.

Creative Guestbook

One of the best reasons why you should rent a photo booth for your wedding is so you can have a guestbook that has pictures of all your family and friends.

Everyone Can Be Involved!

Whether you are older or younger, everyone is able to enjoy and take part in a photo booth.

If you are looking for a photo booth for your wedding, call Inventive Photo Booths today at (817) 223-1522.

How Much Does Image Quality Matter?

Images are everywhere today. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are only the beginning. But how much does image quality matter? Do you ever notice that some people seem to have brighter, sharper and more engaging images than the rest? The reason is image quality. At Inventive, we follow the standards that make your pictures look amazing. The main difference between a high quality image and a low quality image is the lighting.

At Inventive Photo Booth, we use flash photography to create the best lighting source possible. But not only that, we follow the seemingly forgotten golden rule of portraiture; never have a light source coming from the same direction that the photo is taken. While many photo booths don’t even use flash, the one’s that do seem to have forgotten that rule.

High Quality Image

Image Quality is the Result of Lighting and Technique

Your typical photo booth won’t even supply enough light for optimal exposure. In turn, your photos end up being too dark. Ever wonder why your professional photos come out blurry? It’s because your photo booth is using a slower shutter speed to make up for the lack of light. This causes any movement within the booth to create a blur effect. These techniques will also affect the sharpness of the image. If you notice your images are not as sharp as you’d like them to be, bad technique is the reason.

If you want to capture the best memories for your next event, or if you’re just tired of blurry photos that lack the sharpness you desire, contact Inventive Photo Booth at (817) 223-1522 and get the image quality you deserve.

Three Photo Booth Poses to Avoid

It’s no secret that photo booths present a fun and memorable activity for any party or event. In addition to the novelty of taking the photo with friends and family, you get a lasting memento of a special moment. Photo booths naturally lend themselves to silly behavior and poses. Part of their charm, after all, comes from spontaneity. Booths also tend to spark romance, and kisses with your beloved make for perfectly acceptable photo booth poses.

A few poses, whether through overuse or inappropriateness, should be strictly avoided, however. Unless you want to regret your photo booth poses, resist the temptation to fall into these three.

Macho Photo Booth Pose

You may think you look tough, but the macho pose looks silly in a photo booth.

Avoid These Photo Booth Poses

  • Duck Face: Popularized by celebrities, duck face is the term for a manufactured poutiness. The lips curl downward, while the cheeks suck in, for an attempt at seductiveness that looks silly and contrived.
  • The Tough Guy: Go ahead and smile, fellas, it won’t hurt you. The tough guy look, which involves a deadpan expression and/or flexing, doesn’t make anyone look macho. Unless you’re consciously aping this style, save the tough guy routine for your bathroom mirror.
  • The Miley: Though Miley Cyrus did not invent this pose, her repeated use of it has caused an indecent gesture to enter into fad territory. The Miley involves sticking the tongue out between the index and middle finger. Inappropriate connotations aside, this gesture long ago became overplayed.

If these three poses have one thing in common, it’s that they lack originality. Take the best advantage of your time in the photo booth, and strike a pose that reflects your individuality! To purchase a photo booth or rent one for your next party, contact Inventive Photo Booths at  (817) 223-1522.

Best Poses for a Photo Booth

Photo Booth PosesSo you walk into a function, whether it be a party, wedding, or something and you see….the PHOTO BOOTH! You and your friends rush over to it, grab your props, fix your hair, step inside and then…nothing. You’re drawing a complete blank. You rack your brain on what pose you and your friends could do to make these pictures everything! Not to worry, the experts at Inventive Photo Booths are here to help you with your posing woes. Check out some of these awesome pose ideas.

  • Dance Moves – Think of some of the most memorable dance moves ever, like the Soulja Boy, Running Man, the Harlem Shale, and so many more. Maybe even consider putting on some tunes and break it down for your photos.
  • Hashtags – Grab a chalkboard or piece of paper and write a memorable hashtag to share.
  • YMCA – An oldie, but a goodie. Grab three of your friends (or other willing random attendees) and spell out Y-M-C-A with your arms. Or you can also do it by yourself throughout several pictures.

At Inventive Photo Booths, we want to make sure the day you step into one of our photo booths, is one that is not to be forgotten. Remember, our photo booths are where you immortalize what could potentially one of the best nights of your life! This picture can either be the most epic of all time or an epic fail. So whether you’re looking for some posing pointers or you are looking for the best photo booth around that’ll make your event a hit, call us today at (817) 223-1522.

Have Fun with a Wedding Photo Booth

We know that planning a wedding is stressful, and it isn’t easy to keep all your guests entertained, but you can’t go wrong with a wedding photo booth! When you want an easy, affordable photo booth, don’t bother with elaborate DIY ideas that may or may not work out. Rent a photo booth, make it your own, and enjoy the benefits!

wedding photo booth


Themed Props

If you wedding has a theme, color, or other distinguishing feature, tie it into your photo booth! Get props such as feather boas, masks, chalkboard signs, and more that color-coordinate. Use props relating to the bride and groom’s favorite things, from outdoor sports to sci-fi movies. Destination wedding? Embrace your surroundings and get creative! Props are not just fun, but are low-cost and easy to find.

Easy Wedding Favors

Photo booth pictures make excellent wedding favors, letting your guests remember your special day for years to come. It also gives them a chance to pose with whoever they want in a relaxed setting instead of posing for the formal photos. Not only does this give them a souvenir, but it helps check one more thing off your to-do list!

Never-Ending Entertainment

With a simple photo booth, you can provide guests with great entertainment without any hassle. While guests wait on you to arrive at the reception, they can loosen up and make some funny memories. Want a break from dancing? Need to hide from your boring aunt? Climb into a photo booth with friends!

If you need a wedding photo booth in Fort Worth, TX, call Inventive Photo Booths at (817) 223-1522!

4 Reasons You Should Have a Photo Booth at Your Next Party

Photo booths are all the rage at weddings, but did you know they are great at parties, also? Photo booths are a great way to make your birthday celebration or business event really fun and memorable. Here are four reasons you should have a photo booth at your next party.

4 Reasons You Should Have a Photo Booth at Your Next Party

They are Customizable

You can tailor your photo booth to fit the theme of your function. Having a roaring 20’s party or beach themed event? Your photo booth can be customized to your specific theme.

They Are Really Fun

Who doesn’t love a photo booth? Nobody! They are universally fun and a great way to include everyone. It’s a great conversation starter and also a great way to meet new people at your event. They also work as a great party favor for your guests.

Easy Entertainment

Sometimes if people don’t know one another or there is a lull in the event, it can get kind of awkward. With a photo booth, it’s a great way to meet people and you’ll never get bored! When you include props and different backdrops, it becomes really fun and memorable.

Memorable Moments

Sure people have their phones to capture timeless moments, but photo booths just add a little extra something to the party. People will always remember your event because you had a photo booth and they will always have those cute photos to look back on.

Looking to rent a portable photo booth for your next event or wedding in Fort Worth, TX? Give Inventive Photo booths a call today at (817) 223-1522!



What Is A Megapixel?

When searching for a camera to record or take pictures of your event, there is a lot of jargon that you may come across in the details of how a camera works. One word that comes up quite often is the term “megapixel.” When you ask people about this word, they may not know what it is exactly. However, many people say the same thing, “When buying a camera, the bigger the number of megapixels, the better.”

What Is A Megapixel, Exactly?

Photo of megapixelIf you have ever used a paint program on your computer, you have seen a pixel. Pixels, shortened form of  picture element, is a singular dot of color. A megapixel is comprised of or equivalent to one million pixels. Megapixels are what make up the image you take, creating a treasured memory. The rule many people use is that you should always choose the camera with the highest megapixels. This is because the higher the number of megapixels the sharper and more superior the image rendered. 

While this is very true, there are always other factors that go into the quality of an image, such as light, focus, and shutter speed. It is always important to keep these in mind when taking photos of a special event. Another way megapixels help is when you plan to print out the image. The crisper the image from the camera, the better it will print. 

Inventive Photo Booths use a Canon T5, giving you superior quality with every image. Call today at (817) 223-1522 for more information on our photo booths!

Props: A Fun Element That Pops

Props are a main staple in many photographer’s kits. From family photos to candid ones, they are used to set a mood, declare an event, or bring a little bit of personality to the picture itself. However, just as many photographers hate the use of props as those who love them. Due to the clunky nature of incorporating these, it can sometimes ruin an otherwise perfect composition. The same can be said when using props in a photo booth. Cheap and bulky materials can lead to awkward posing, reflection of light, and bad images.

Props Can Be Great!

Photo of propsThe thing you have to remember about props is this: Quality is important. While it may seem like a waste to invest in a prop collection for your clients, investing will save you in the long run. Buying a better constructed and timeless piece to use will give you repeated use from the prop. An example of timeless would be stocking a “Happy New Year” prop as opposed to a prop with the exact current year. This means reuse from your clients and savings in the long run.

Remember, using a prop is all about creativity and fun. It allows the subject of the photo to play and be off guard when having a photo taken, resulting in less posed, natural compositions. With a photo booth, having that little bit of extra for your clients to use while snapping their memories can make the difference on getting return customers and referred clients.

Interested in hearing more about what props and a photo booth can do for your business? Call Inventive Photo Booths today at (817) 223-1522!

Using Darkroom Booth Software

The Darkroom Booth software is the central hub that keeps the photo booth lights, camera, and software all working in sync. It has amazing qualities that help our photo booths stand out from the competition. These are just some of the benefits of the Darkroom Booth software that comes included with our booths:

Social Media

Darkroom Booth comes with built in social media capabilities so that guests can share their photos instantly through Facebook, email, or even text messages. This makes it much easier to save and share the images. Darkroom Booth also includes connection to DropBox so that copies of the original images from events can be saved for later use.

Image Quality and Special Effects

Darkroom Booth works well with DSLR cameras in order to create high quality images. In the newest version of Darkroom Booth, guests can even create short animated gif files or videos. The software includes options for green screen support, image templates and overlays, and image animations to make photos more unique.

Simply and Customizable Controls

Darkroom Booth makes it easy for you to control your booth from your phone, tablet, or computer. With Booth Control you can stay on top of photos, lighting controls, update your slideshow, and more! Darkroom Booth allows you to collect data as well so you can receive data reports to continuously improve on your rental marketing and business.

If you are looking to purchase a high quality photo booth, check out the portable 4-in-1 and tent booths available from Inventive Photo Booths today! These booths were created with superior image quality in mind.

Call us today at (817) 223-1522 to learn more about our booths.