Best Poses for a Photo Booth

Photo Booth PosesSo you walk into a function, whether it be a party, wedding, or something and you see….the PHOTO BOOTH! You and your friends rush over to it, grab your props, fix your hair, step inside and then…nothing. You’re drawing a complete blank. You rack your brain on what pose you and your friends could do to make these pictures everything! Not to worry, the experts at Inventive Photo Booths are here to help you with your posing woes. Check out some of these awesome pose ideas.

  • Dance Moves – Think of some of the most memorable dance moves ever, like the Soulja Boy, Running Man, the Harlem Shale, and so many more. Maybe even consider putting on some tunes and break it down for your photos.
  • Hashtags – Grab a chalkboard or piece of paper and write a memorable hashtag to share.
  • YMCA – An oldie, but a goodie. Grab three of your friends (or other willing random attendees) and spell out Y-M-C-A with your arms. Or you can also do it by yourself throughout several pictures.

At Inventive Photo Booths, we want to make sure the day you step into one of our photo booths, is one that is not to be forgotten. Remember, our photo booths are where you immortalize what could potentially one of the best nights of your life! This picture can either be the most epic of all time or an epic fail. So whether you’re looking for some posing pointers or you are looking for the best photo booth around that’ll make your event a hit, call us today at (817) 223-1522.