Portable, Fast, & Easy Photo Booths

portable photo booth in carOwning your very own photo booth doesn’t mean you have to drive around town with a massive truck, nor does it mean you should spend an hour putting together your booth every time you take it to a venue. With an Inventive Photo Booth, you’ll be able to quickly get in and out of parties, weddings, or whatever event you are attending. Whether you choose the ludicrously fast Inventive Tent Photo Booth or the speedy Inventive Portable 4-in-1 Photo Booth, you’ll be in and out of your destination in no time at all. Give us a call today at (817) 223-1522 to learn just how fast, portable, and easy your new Inventive Photo Booth can be.

Portable Four-in-One Booth

With a portable photo booth there has always been the problem of making it easy to transport, yet still making it small. How do you get a large photo booth to break down small? The bad answer is to simply put up a pop tent. The good answer is much more Inventive. Our popular four-in-one photo booth can not only fit into a four-door, but the entire thing can break down to fit into its own bench. The bench has wheels which can flip around, so the entire photo booth can be wheeled from your car to the venue in one trip. Not just the photo booth, but also the prop bag, prop table, scrapbook bag, the printer and the extra paper. One trip! No one wants to waste time making several unnecessary trips to the car or having to drive a massive truck eating up expensive fuel.

Easy & Fast Tent Booth Setup


Our state of the art Inventive Photo Booths are not only easy to transport, but they’re easy to set up as well. They are so easy that pretty much anyone can do it. The Inventive Portable 4-in-1 Photo Booth gives you a high-quality photo booth and can be set up in as little as 15 minutes — and that’s with one person! Our Inventive Tent Photo Booth can actually be set up even quicker. When you need a compact, portable photo both that’s easy and has a fast set up, you need an Inventive Photo Booth. Give us a call today to order yours (817) 223-1522.