Our Guarantee

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

our guaranteeIt can be scary to purchase things online without ever seeing them. Our guarantee to you is that if our booth is not everything we say it is, you can return it for 100% money back. We don’t charge any restocking fees like some companies do. Restocking fees are just meant to discourage you from returning it; that’s not standing behind your product. Other companies will refund the money spent only on the booth and not the portion they charged you to ship it out to you; that is not standing behind your product. We refund every penny you spent with us. You would have to return it on your dime, but you would never be locked into a product you don’t love. This is the best guarantee in the industry.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Any parts to the booth damaged as a result of manufacturer’s design, fabrication, or shipping will be replaced as soon as possible, free of charge. Any damage caused by misuse or normal wear and tear is not covered. Does not apply to electronics.

One Year Electronics Warranty

All electronics are covered by their manufacturers’ warranties, but this is truly not as great as it sounds. So we take it up one step further. If your camera, computer or printer malfunctions, what good is having it fixed for free if it means weeks or months of downtime? The money you will lose from having to cancel your events will likely cost you far more than the cost of whatever it was that malfunctioned.

Here’s how we help: If you have a problem with your camera, computer or printer, call us immediately. We will overnight you a replacement. Then send the malfunctioning electronics to us, and we will deal with the manufacturer. It is like your insurance company paying for your rental while your car is being fixed. For an additional $100 at the time of purchase, get this great warranty extended for a total of five years.