3 Ways To Enhance The Photo Booth Experience

Using a photo booth alone seems like enough of a novelty, but why settle for the standard booth when you can enhance the user’s experience by using exciting props, fun backdrops and interactive video to make it stand out from the others? We have a few tips for creating a memorable photo booth experience.


For a fun photo booth experience, try adding a few props people can wear or hold. Inexpensive props can be purchased from a local dollar store to keep things fresh. For an individual flair, you can also do a little DIY project by making your own frame from foam board. Wearable props, like hats and glasses like the ones pictured, are also a fun and easy way to enhance the photo booth experience for people who need a little extra push to enjoy the booth.enhance photo booth experience


You can purchase our hand-painted backdrops or make some of your own to customize the booth for the event. Vibrant backdrops are a way to set the scene of an event. Photo booths create memories, so it is important to enhance these memories. Using inexpensive party supplies such as colored balloons, sparkling tinsel and string lights can set help to create unique photos people will want to hold on to.


Now that Facebook and other social media can include a short video snippet as a profile video, video-capable photo booths can expand the options for users. Those props and backdrops mentioned above become even more important when you incorporate video into your photo booth, as they allow the experience to become interactive. Giving people more options can really enhance their photo booth experience. Using video in your photo booth is a fun way to make sure the photo booth is the main attraction at any event.

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