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In case you don’t know, the best way to solve most problems with electronics is to turn them off, then turn them instantly back on. Unplug them, then plug them right back in. This will solve 90% of the problems you might have. The best way to handle it is to do the fastest thing first: Before you restart the computer, try restarting just the program, before you restart the program, try unplugging/replugging the camera.

With the printer, it also helps to remove the paper and ribbon and reinstall them, AFTER you try turning it off and on, unplugging and replugging it from the power supply and the computer.












It's not a good idea to move the printer with the paper and ribbon still inside. It can damage the printer internally or result in paper jams and ribbon tearing. This is true with all dye-sub printers.


These tips are the extent of my knowledge. If there is no tip here that can solve your problem, please try the following experts. Once you problem is resolved, please call us to describe it so that your experience can help others. Thanks so much!






Imaging Spectrum





Hiti Digital America, Inc.


TEL: +1-909-594-0099


The printer User Manual is on the computer desktop if you need it.



Canon U.S.A., Inc




The User Manual is on the computer desktop if you need it.

  • Download latest version of Darkroom

    To download the install the most current version of Darkroom (1.00.231) click on the link below:

    Click on link below to view release notes for this and past updates.

  • Touch screen not responding

    Check the touch settings in your computer. Depending on your photo booth setup/OS, the location of these settings may differ slightly but, for the most part, you’ll be checking for “Pen & Touch Settings”.

    Check Power Options within the Control Panel- USB ports may be set to shut off to conserve battery. Disable this feature.

    After verifying settings are correct, you may need to restart the computer for the screen to respond.

  • Not able to escape out of photo booth mode

    The escape key is the set as the default option for exiting booth mode. The Control Tab in Darkroom contains the settings for your keyboard, mouse and touchscreen. If you are having trouble exiting booth mode, check the settings listed below:

    1. Keyboard options – The escape key is the set as the default option for exiting out of photo booth mode using the keyboard. If your escape key isn’t working, verify that the box next to ESC exit booth mode is checked. You can setup other keyboard shortcuts in this area as well.

    2. Mouse button options – you can program a command that Booth will do when a mouse button is pressed. For example, a left mouse click can start a session. If you are using a touch screen you will want to disable anything on a left mouse click because Windows will interpret and touch on the screen as a left mouse click and then start the session.

    3. You can also touch a hidden area on a touch screen that will exit the booth mode - Upper right hand corner.

  • Darkroom Booth Not Responding /Computer Freezing During Photo Sessions

    If you’re receiving a “Darkroom Booth Is Not Responding” message (sometimes followed by “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly” error) or notice the program freezing, or causing the computer to have to shut down or restart, there are a few possible considerations.

    Having incorrect settings with the image size and timing between photos can cause freezing.

    In the Camera Tab – Set the Image Quality to Jpeg Small1 Fine.

    In the Text+Timing Tab, under the Timing and Delays: ensure the time between photos is set to at least 7 seconds.

    2. If you have McAfee antivirus running, this can cause issues with timing due to the antivirus software scanning incoming images as they’re transferred from the memory card onto the computer’s hard drive. You can disable McAfee altogether, or at least disable the real-time scanning option.

    3. Is this occurring when attempting to Start Booth Mode from edit mode? If changes were made to settings, it can take a few seconds for the settings/changes to save. Please wait about 10 seconds after making/saving changes in edit mode before starting booth mode and you shouldn’t receive any such errors.

  • Error: Cannot Convert / saving digital copies of Photo Strip files

    This error is received when one of the “Saved Image” options is selected, but the folder it’s set to save too does not exist. Click on the Options button next to the Saved Image to Browse to and select a valid folder to save your images to. This is also where you can determine the file format for your images. The default is set to Jpeg. Image size should be left as Preview Size.

    You may also receive this error if one of the other output options is not correctly set up. After checking the “Saved Image” option, if you’re still receiving this error, please also check your configurations associated with any other options you have enabled/selected, such as “Photo Email” and “Print” (click the Options button next to each enabled option)





  • Where does Darkroom save image files?

    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Darkroom Booth\Photos\20130826\ed_0010\photos

    The part of the file location in the red box is created by darkroom and will not necessarily match your event date.

    Each session will create three types of files, an .edf, .edp, and a .jpg file for each photo taken. The image file with the EDP extension contains the session photo, combining the individual photo files with the formatted background. This file type requires a program that opens graphic files. Setting up the Saved image option in Output portion of the Main Tab will enable you to select the location and file type for your event photos. For information on this topic see the section above this one




  • External Components timing out (Camera, Printer, Etc)

    If issues with freezing/timing out tend to occur after the computer is idle, updating the sleep settings should resolve these issues.

    Sleep Settings:

    Control Panel> Hardware & Sounds> Power Options> click “Change when the computer sleeps”> make sure both options are set to never.

    Then click “Change advanced power settings”>

    Hard Disk

    Turn off hard disk after: 300 minutes


    Sleep after: Never

    Allow hybrid sleep: Off

    Hibernate after: Never

    USB settings

    USB selective suspend setting: Disabled

    Be sure to save changes

  • Common issues surrounding Email option not working for Darkroom

    If you’ve checked one of the Photo Email 1 or 2 Options in the section of the Main Tab labeled – What to output for each set of photos – and are having issues with getting this option to work, there are a few settings to check. You need to verify that the email settings are correct in your Global Setting.

    If you had to make any corrections, such as correcting your password, in order to get the Outgoing Connection OK message when clicking the Test button, you will need to clear out any emails that might be stuck in the print queue. Any emails you attempted to send prior to successfully tested your

    out outgoing email account will not transmit, and will prevent any new emails from being sent. You’ll need to clear these emails from the print queue. To clear your Print Queue, follow the steps below:

    Darkroom> Prints> Print (middle drop-down option)> Print Queue> Pending Jobs. If there are any pending jobs here, please select all and delete and you should now be good to go!

  • Issues with Live View Mode

    The originally released version of Darkroom experiences intermittent issues with live view mode freezing or timing out. If experiencing any issues related to Live View mode while in Booth Mode in Darkroom, please make sure you have the most current version of Darkroom:

    After downloading, make sure to run/install. Then check under Global Settings> Application Updates and make sure your version/build is appearing as 1.00.231 to verify that the updated version was successfully installed.

    One of the enhancements listed in this update is the ability to toggle Live View on/off with the CTRL + L keyboard shortcut, so if the live view issue does happen to come up again, try toggling back on. Let us know if this is still something you experience, and whether this shortcut brings back live view without having the restart the system.

    Please check the “External components timing out? (Camera, printer, etc.)” Sections for the recommended sleep settings, and make sure these are what you have set in Windows.

    The other setting to check that would have an effect is in Darkroom under the “Liveview” tab. Please see below for the recommended setting here:

  • Experiencing delay after countdown in booth mode

    If you’re experiencing a delay between the 3,2,1 countdown when taking photos in booth mode, check the focus setting on your camera.

    This is separate from the general settings dial and is located on the lens of your camera as a toggle switch with AF and MF (Automatic Focus or Manual Focus) as the two options. You want this set to Manual Focus




We have never had ANY of these problems with our computer but we've seen on-line that they have happened to other computers.


Let us know if you have any trouble with ours.

  • Camera Shutting Off

    First, is the camera actually powering off or does it just appear that way?

    A quick test would be when you plug/unplug the USB cable from the left side of the camera is the power on?

    If the view on the back of the camera is just turning off/on with the plugging/unplugging of the USB cable, this is normal.

    You can check to see if your computer still detects the camera by clicking on the folders Icon.

    If you see your Canon Rebel device here, it’s receiving power and it’s detected.

    If your device is not appearing under Devices and Printers there are a few things you can check:


    · Is the USB cable securely plugged in at both ends?

    · Is the power adapter plugged in? This is the battery on the bottom of the camera. Sometimes popping this out and back in works to get the power back on.

    · Is the external power switch to the booth turned on? The internal power strip that the camera is plugged into?

    · Is the camera turned on? (You may need to remove the camera from its mount to see whether or not it is turned on.

    · The camera may not be receiving enough power if plugged into a USB hub. Try plugging directly into a USB port in your computer, if it’s not already.

    · The camera may have a time-out mode enabled. Try turning off/on the camera. If this is the case, you can look for the “Auto Power Off” setting in the camera’s settings menu and disable:

    · Press the MENU button (on the bottom-left)> you should see red, blue, and yellow tab icons along the top (if you don’t, press the MENU button again)> scroll over to the left till you get to the first yellow wrench tab icon> Click the “Auto power off” option and select “Off”.

    · Also, check out “External components timing out?” under General Troubleshooting for the recommended sleep/power settings for your computer.

  • Camera Not Connected

    - Inside Darkroom, go to "Settings" then Camera. Is the Canon listed at the top? If not, hit refresh.

    If it still isn't listed, go to Windows Explorer and see if the computer can see the camera. If not, unplug the USB cable from the camera and re-plug it.

    If that didn't work, unplug and re-plug same cord from the computer. It should use the third of four USB ports from the left.

    If it still doesn't work, try the catch-alls listed above.



  • Photo are dark



    Camera settings: Manual or Auto

    have the camera set to Manual.  "M" on the dial. ISO 100, F-stop 8.0, Shutter Speed 1/200, White Balance=Cloudy.

    Darkroom can adjust camera setting in the camera tab.

    In Darkroom Click on the Settings Tab, then select the Camera Tab.


    Seeing fuzzy backgrounds and/or a red tint on facial features?

    If you are using a Green Screen Template or have the green screen setting is enabled.

    1. Make sure you don’t have the “Green Screen Template” selected under Events if you aren’t actually using a green screen.

    2. Make sure the “3 Image GS” screen is not selected (Settings> Screens)

    3. If this screen is, in fact, not selected, click the “Edit” button to the right, above the screen preview. Double-click “Photo:*Liveview” on the right, under Template Items. Change the Transparency setting from Chroma-key to None.





  • Random Black Photos

    If some pictures are lit and others aren't, it means the flash is firing MOST the time. This happens when someone is taking photos of something else close by the booth, and their flash is triggering the booth's flash, which doesn't have time to recycle. The best thing to do to prevent this is to tape black electrical tape over the sensor. It is a clear dome labeled "Remote".  That should fix it, but you could also just tell the troublesome photographers to scram.


    If this doesn't work and you notice the flash firing at random, not provoked by someone else's flash, see CONTINGENCY PLANS.

  • White Dots/snowflakes on faces

    This is actually lens flare. Try cleaning the lens with your shirt sleeve. Wipe in a circle around and around and around for a solid minute. If that doesn't work try moving the flash a bit closer to the front (the white face)



Believe it or not, the light bulb on the flash needs to be OFF. It's called the "modeling light" and it adds nothing to the photos or experience. It gets hot and if you leave it on, it will melt the plastic shade. Turn the power switch to 1, and the modeling light switch to 0.



This booth is so cool, if can work with a broken camera and a broken flash. Kind of.