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Disclaimer: I am no business expert, but I am a man who has run a successful business. All I can tell you is what has worked for me. I make no promises that what worked for me will also work for you.

With Google Adwords there are 1000 settings and numerous ways to spend too much money. There are people who make their living by knowing all the ins and outs of Adwords. The more you can learn about Adwords, the better off you will be in business. If there are options that I haven't explored, it doesn't mean those options are wrong (ie: the display network.) I simply have never tried it, one day I may discover that there is real value to it. If you try something that is the opposite of what I suggest, or something that I just haven't explored and find it really really works, please shoot me an email telling me how you did it, then I can pass that information on to my other clients who are all running Photo Booth rental companies. We can all be in it together!




The first setting is the campaign type. I select Search Network only. Standard.

THEN select Include Display Network partner websites - select NO




The next choice which is obviously very important is location. Select "Let me choose" and then type in the city that you are targeting.

There are several different ways to select who is inside your area and who isn't, I like to use radius targeting. In the dialog box, click Radius targeting at the top. Select a number of miles that works for you.


Under "bid strategy" I select I will manually set my bids for a clicks. I actually did have an Adwords expert tell me that that was a better option.

Your default bed will change from city to city and even from month-to-month. This of course can get very expensive. Also, there will be a lag where you will pay for the advertising first, but have the advertising pay off second. People don't often call and book a Photo Booth the very first day that they see your website. Sometimes they do, but usually they will think it over and put it on their to-do list and get around to it when they get a chance. Expect a small delay before you can realize the full extent of your advertising.

A word on the top spot: I have pretty much always held the top spot in the Dallas area for Photo Booth rental, because I could afford it and it clearly paid for itself without a doubt. Once I started selling the Photo Booth nationwide I found myself looking at a very different price tag for Google Adwords. The top spot of any given category will always be exponentially more expensive than any lower spot because you're not only paying more per click but you were getting more clicks. For selling Photo Booths, I like to be lower (I shoot for third) because people typically don't just look at one website for a high-priced item. Sometimes people who were renting photo booths do simply click my site then call and book after  looking at no one else. This happened more often when I was the cheapest in town. Now that I charge much more for my rental booths, I am happy to be in the second or third spot. I would never want to be below three.

I just checked my stats and it appears that my average cost per click is $3.34. And my lifetime spend for just my local rental company is $50,673.02. Wow that sounds like a lot. I typically spend about $2000 a month on advertising, But that advertising brings in around 20 jobs a month. Without that advertising I would be invisible. I would rather spend 2K and make money and stay busy then to forgo advertising and have my Saturdays off.

I have multiple photo booths and multiple employees so I am set up to handle around five jobs a week which my advertising brings me. A company with one booth could obviously spend less because they're only going to be able to book one job on a Saturday night, And possibly a Friday or a Sunday here and there. If a one-booth company is set up to work about seven jobs a month, spending Money on the amount of ads that would bring in 20 jobs a week would be too much. However I am not necessarily advocating starting small. Start with whatever your budget will allow, of course. But when I got started I spent money galore from the very beginning. If you just got your Photo Booth, your schedule will be pretty open. You literally have zero Photo Booth events on the books. Most likely your first X number of calls will all be asking for different dates, because some people are booking photo booths for this Saturday and some people are booking photo booth for five months out. Thats what I did. When my schedule filled up so much that I started getting a couple of calls a week that I had to turn away, instead of lowering my advertising budget, I bought a second booth.

For people not ready to take that plunge, Thumbtack and Facebook, are less expensive advertising. And Groupon is Zero risk.


Click on Delivery Method Advanced.

The next thing to look at is add extensions (above) I have never clicked location extension because I live in Bedford and everybody around here searches for Dallas. Look into what the location extension is all about, because it might be right for you. The site links extension definitely helps. It displays links to different pages on your website. This is especially good if you run a DJ, or a photography business. Because the links are another opportunity to say more in his single ad.

People say that the call button works. I cannot verify that. I know that it doesn't hurt. You might as well do it.


Under Advanced Settings, click on Schedule. Select the normal waking hours.

Click Save and Continue. The next screen is where you write the content of your ad. This will be easy if the area you live has only one name. Some don't. For example, the city I live in is called Bedford, but do people search for "Bedford Photo Booth"? It's also called DFW, but do people search for "DFW Photo Booth Rental"? Do people search for Fort Worth at all? It turns out that people pretty much only search for Dallas. But the way to find this out is the Keyword Planner.  All information is important because it helps you come up with strategies. You can also see trends so if you have a slow month and he just made a change to your ad you can look at the data and see if people just hated your new ad, or if that month is notoriously a slow month for searches. Click Tools, then click keyword planner.

Enter keywords to get search volume data.

Then return to write your ad.

I have a little advice to give on how to create your ad. (below) You should try to include some of the keywords people will search for in your ad. Even though you are paying, Google still looks at the appropriateness of your ad for any given search. In other words if you have an ad for headphones, and ask Google to pay to be at the top spot of Photo Booth rental, you can do it, but you will be paying far far more than an ad for Photo Booth rental.  You will pay less money the more relevant your ad is. So your ad should have the keywords in the ad. Also, you will pay less the more relevant your landing page is. So your website should have a lot of the same keywords that were in and had triggered your ad.

If you have multiple markets, it is not a bad idea to make multiple campaigns. For example all the ads that I show in Fort Worth have Fort Worth in the ad, and all the ads that I show in Dallas have Dallas in the ad.

The other thing I have to say about add text is to put your best foot forward. This is your first chance to sell yourself so if you have something that sets you apart from your competition it would be a good time to bring it up. One thing that I have found to be indispensable is putting my price on the ad words ad. But this will really only work if you are the cheapest in town.


Next you will pick your keywords. I like to put myself in the position of the consumer and pretend that I am looking for a photo booth in Dallas. As you can imagine one of the most search keywords in my ad words campaign is "Dallas Photo Booth rental" Adwords will suggest keywords. Pick the ones that are relevant. Hit add to add them to the column on the left.

The default bid might be somewhere around $2.50. This will vary greatly depending on what part of the country you are in, and whether you're in a big city or small town. The best thing to do is to start with a guess, then watch it daily to see how you place and how much it ends up costing you. Again, it's best to be in the top three.

Click Save Ad group

Next set up some negative keywords. On the left, click on your Ad group. Then click on Keywords. Then click Negative Keywords.

Click +KEYWORDS. You might as well do it at the campaign level.

Click get started.

The biggest mistake that I want to help you avoid is not adding negative keywords. These are words that if searched your ad will not be displayed. The obvious negative keywords that you should add are "for sale", "buy", "DIY", "make your own", "Scam", "fraud"…


Adwords needs to be watched. Check in and see what you're paying for, who's clicking how often, what it costs... everything. You will need to add new negative keywords as time goes on. Click on Search Terms (right next to the spot where you clicked on nagative keywords.) This will show you the actual searches that were typed in that led to you ad. Make sure you aren't paying for clicks that you don't want. In this picture you can see some of the words that people have actually searched for. I selected two searches that I would rather not have paid for. Flipbooks and green screen are not things that we offer in Dallas. When you find terms like this you should click the checkbox right next to them and then select "add as a negative keyword". You will usually also find the names of cities in this list. This happens when people who happen to be living in Dallas are planning an event in a different city in the US. On the Internet you can find negative keyword list that have every major city in the country. It is not a bad idea to copy and paste such a list, just remember to delete off any cities in the surrounding area that you obviously don't want to be ruled out.

The other extremely important thing that you want to be mindful of is Match Type. If you look on the screen (below) you can see that some of the keywords have quotations and some don't. A keyword with quotations around it has a Phrase match type. No quotations means that is it is a broad match type. And if it has brackets around it that means it is an exact match type. An exact match type means that if you were to use the term Dallas Photo Booth rental, it would only ever show it to people who search for "Dallas Photo Booth rental". It would even exclude people who searched for "Dallas Photo Booth rentals" and "Dallas Photobooth rental".  Broad type is kind of the opposite. Broad type can be very very bad. By having keywords that have a broad match type, you will end up paying for searches that aren't even close. In the photo below you can see that I have a lot of broad match types, but they are on very specific phrases, and a whole lot of negative keywords. Never has "photo booth"  listed as a broad match type. I typically recommend the phrase match. I don't know the exact calculations that Google uses, but it is somewhere between broad match an exact match. Select on all your keywords checkboxes and then click edit and then change match type. Select the option that says change broad match type to phrase match type.